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ACE Commercial Solutions

No project too big or too small!

ACE AIR understands the demands of air conditioning commercial premises and is fully licensed to meet your needs. 

When you talk to ACE AIR about replacing, installing or maintaining a system in commercial applications, you talk to qualified professionals.

But! It is not all about air!

ACE AIR is a complete solution for commercial applications, able to look after all electrical installations in addition to air conditioning.

This is a major advantage for builders and architects, with ACE AIR you hold all the cards in your project.


Three ways to solve your commercial air conditioning problems:

Inverter Technology Split System Ducted System

ACE AIR Air Conditioning
2/10 Dual Ave, Warana QLD Australia
Ph. 617 5493 6348
Fax. 617 5493 6538

BSA 1031531
Arctic AU00037

Master Electricians


Authorised Electrical Contractor for installation of Solar Power Systems - Sunshine Coast

Paul Harvey
Electrical Contractor
LIC. 73414