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Get the right climatic balance in your homeACE AIR Ducted air conditioning systems

Gives you the right balance in your world

Rain, hail or shine, the temperature inside is always perfect with energy efficient ACE AIR Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems.

Ducted systems are out of sight, super quiet and just perfect for total and zoned climate control in Australian homes, shops and workplaces.

Seasonally in Queensland, we see temperatures soar into the 40’s, only to plummet to below freezing. Australia is a tough testing ground for ducted air conditioning and while some brands may struggle to cope, ACE AIR know the systems which shine under the most extreme conditions.

Ask ACE AIR Systems for expert advice on the system best suited to your specific air conditioning needs.

A touch of spring in one room … A hint of summer in another

Whatever the shape or size of your rooms, ACE AIR Ducted air conditioning lets you choose the temperature and climate throughout your home. We are all individual with different ideas of comfort, why shouldn’t you have your own space, set at the temperature you want?

Controlled Comfort

With ACE AIR Ducted air conditioner systems, you have total control over your comfort. The standard wall-mounted LCD controller has a 72-hour on/off timer and automatic cool/heat changeover.

1. ON/OFF – Press this button to turn the air conditioner ON and OFF.
2. MODE selector – Press this button to select the AUTO/COOL/HEAT/DRY/FAN mode.
3. FAN setting – Press this button to select the air flow rate.
4. TEMPERATURE adjustment button – Press this button to make temperature adjustments and
   other settings.
5. 7 DAY TIME CLOCK – Press this button to go to the setting display for the “S. 7 Day Timer” and
   “M. 7 Day Timer”.
6. ON/OFF TIMER – Press this button to set the ON TIMER and OFF TIMER.
7. SHIFT – Press this button to change the display at the time of making settings.
8. ENTER – Press this button to accept the settings that have been made.
9. CLEAR – Press this button to cancel settings.
10. TEST/EXIT – Press this button to exit programs.
11. DAY/TIME – Press this button to go to the clock and day setting.
12. SELECT SENSOR – Press this button for sensor selection.
13. FIXING SENSOR – Press this button to enter the sensor selection that has been made.
14. ZONE – Press this button to make zone settings.
15. DISPLAY – The present settings are displayed on the LCD.


Out of sight but not mind

Easily controlled, ACE AIR Ducted air conditioning systems provides comfort throughout your house without leaving cool or hot pockets of air, a quiet achiever concealed in the ceiling space going about its work efficiently, without fuss.

A technologically advanced system is working for you, but you will only ever see the smallest of components.

The indoor unit is totally concealed in the ceiling cavity. Cool or warm air is ducted into each room through discreet outlets positioned in the ceiling.

Feature packed to suit your lifestyle!

About us

Australia’s air conditioning specialists- ACE AIR provides quality, innovation and solutions for all residential and commercial air conditioning. More >



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