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ACE Residential Solutions

Air conditioning your home is a major improvement to your lifestyle and to the value of your home. The decision over which unit and capacity should not be taken lightly.

Considerations which an ACE AIR technician will discuss with you, include comfort and lifestyle, physical dimensions and cost.

When you look at your requirements, think about how your house is used, by how many people and what times of the day. These factors play a large role in determining the type of unit and the size/power requirements.

A great way to ensure efficient use of ducted systems and provide personalised comfort throughout your home is to set up “Zones”. For example, areas with high traffic and doors which open to the outside may be set up to operate in a much cooler environment than a bedroom or study.

air conditioning for your homeThere are many different types of diffusers (outlets) and controls available to put climate controls at your fingertips, yet out of sight.

Environmental Considerations

Air conditioning is the most efficient climate control available, but if you are really concerned about the world’s climate, the answer is Inverter Technology. This is best for your world and has the lowest operating costs.

How long will it take to install?

This is possibly the most common question that homeowners ask ACE AIR. The answer depends on the time of the year you want to have air conditioning installed. If you call at the height of summer there could be an extended wait!

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Inverter Technology Split System Ducted System

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